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We are seriously considering moving to using Fogbugz and Kiln (and Mercurial). We've had a trial period for a month and all seems ok.

I was wondering if anyone uses either or both of these systems, and has observed any disadvantages, or faced difficulties with them?


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They used to be great, but they killed Kiln for your server silently and sneakily. At the moment they are about to kill FogBugz for your server and they also don't really talk about it. Also the company changed their behaviour from being serious to a mode where they want to break things and iterate quickly, add more whitespace and make it "faster". So it's a good idea to not be invested in this company anymore, the ship has sailed, which is very sad. – Christian Jan 23 '14 at 8:43

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I use both FogBugz and Kiln for my current project and couldn't be happier. Highly recommend both products.

EBS, Easy to use UI, Integrating cases with commits, all very nice features.

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I agree from my experience so far. And as there has been plenty of time for people to add negatives, I consider this the answer. – Ronnie Jul 20 '11 at 12:14

Just caught this one. Overall Fogbugz + Kiln has been very good, simple setup and usage. The automatic integration between commits and cases is nice as well.

I think the best feature is the ease of creating and cloning repositories and the view of your current set of repositories and groups and the electrified dag view is nice, especially if you are trying to track a particular branch and its history.

However, we have found a few issues:

  • The wiki has a few limitations and oddities:
    • Sometimes copying data in tables causes the contents to be displayed outside the table. This seems to be caused by additional metadata being copied by Fogbugz and if the text is pasted to a text editor and then back into the table this does not happen.
      • Linking to list items breaks if new entries are added to the list.
      • The wiki seems to link to a specific numbered list element, so that when we add a new list entry (say at number 2) then all the links to subsequent entries still point to the same list index. Effectively, links to the entry that is now at index 3 still point to index 2!
      • It is only possible to safely anchor links by editing the html of the wiki page. One of the 'strengths' of Fogbugz is that you don't need to write html to generate the wiki pages. Also the html generated by the wiki is not very easy to read and understand as it is very badly formatted/organised.
    • Kiln is VERY slow to handle large files.
      • I know there is a Large files extension, but this currently does not seem to work with Mercurial 1.8+. So we are stuck with commits of large files possibly taking hours an Kiln thrashes its disks away merrily.
    • It is not possible to easily set custom, non web, hooks on a Kiln repository.

These are the main issues we are having with Kiln & Fogbugz, in a very developer centric team, and they do cause a continual level of irritation with the software that should just get out of the way, but doesn't.

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