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i'm currently struggling with a feature we need from the WPF ToolBar control. While the default implementation from the ToolBar seems to always overflow the right most item, but i need a way to mark certain items with a higher priority, that stays longer on the screen. Furthermore if items have the same id, even without beeing in the same toolbar (having multiple toolbars) all the items with the same id needs to be overflown. Outlook 2010 for example, has this kind of feature in their toolbar. When i shrink the window, the toolbar will not overflow the right most item, instead it seems to use some kind of ranking or priority. The "answer" button for example, stays always in the toolbar, while not beeing the left most item.

Of course i know the OverflowMode property, and my first try was to use that property to define on the fly that an item is always there, while the one with the lowest priority gets "AsNeeded". But this didn't work well and seems overly complicated. I hope someone here has a better and maybe easier solution. Otherwise i would have to rewrite the toolbar, just to add a small feature.

Thanks in advance best regards nico

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You can have only two level of priority.

I've done what you expect with this code :

<ToolBar Height="30">
        <Button ToolBar.OverflowMode="Never" Content="Prioriry" />
        <Button Content="Not Priority" />
        <Button ToolBar.OverflowMode="Never" Content="Priority" />
        <Button Content="NotPriority" />
        <Button ToolBar.OverflowMode="Never" Content="Priority" />

Is that enough for you ?

If you want more level of priority, you will need to rewrite the toolbar...

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Thanks for your response, but yes i rewrote the toolbar to do what we need. It was a bit difficult especially to get a good performance out of it. The main problem was having a ToolBar wide priority, so if two strips items have the same priority both gets collapsed. Three rather simple custom controls and 2 rather complex LayoutPanels were necessary to rewrite it. – dowhilefor Nov 26 '12 at 9:37

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