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Hi am new to theming of Drupal 6 what I want is let say am on and the theme is Garland now what I want is when I go to the theme of this page should be different from previous. In other words:

I have two pages say node/12321 and node/1231 I want to apply custom theme on them but not the Garland theme how can I remove all the style sheet of garland theme and add my custom style sheets to it without modifyng to page-node-xxxx.tpl.php page I have make a search on it it says some preprocessing page which am unable to understand.

Plus, how can I apply theme to page with specific taxonomy?

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Take a look at the ThemeKey module. It allows you to change the theme depending on the path, taxonomy, and more. From the ThemeKey project page:

ThemeKey allows you to define simple or sophisticated theme-switching rules which allow automatic selection of a theme depending on current path, taxonomy terms, language, node-type, and many, many other properties. It can also be easily extended to support additional properties exposed by other modules. In combination with Drupal's theme inheritance and ThemeKey Properties you can easily achieve features like:

  • individually-styled channels a
  • front-page / "splash" screen a
  • date/time-selected Christmas theme
  • mobile themes for different
  • auto-detected mobile devices special
  • themes for "limited" or "old" browsers
  • content, user, or role -specific
  • themes indicating your environment (production, staging, testing, sandbox, … ) testing your redesign safely on a live server
  • ...
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You can try the following modules 1)ThemeKey 2)Page Theme 3) Sections

Go any one of above which is suitable for your implementation.

Thanks RT

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