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I want to initialize Command field from an injected Service.

So I need to execute a Command's method after it has been fully initialized, but before params is assigned to fields.

How can I do it? OK, I can get a Service bean by hand in constructor. Any better way?

Had no luck with @PostConstruct or InitializingBean - looks like Command is not a bean, right?

Grails 1.3.5

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You're right the command is not a bean. You could instantiate the command instance by a service method and do initialization there and return the instance back to the controller. Than call the controller's bindData with the returned instance like this:

// controller code
def myService // injected

def action = {
    def command = mySerivce.createCommandInstance() 
    bindData(command, params)

// service code
class MyService {
    def createCommandInstance() {
       def cmd = new MyCommand()
       return cmd
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Thanks. As a last resort, I'd do this. Basically, this is re-creating a Command functionality by hand, as the createCommandInstance()/bindData() needs to be in every action. For now, I'll stick to accessing service beans via ApplicationContext in Command constructor - it adds extra code to Command, but won't repeat code over Controllers. –  Victor Sergienko Jul 3 '11 at 9:01
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