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Is there a way to hide the checkbox icon for an ListItem and just display the value-text.

Like Below - Checkbox for items is hidden.

I could figure out that I could disable (grey-out) or completely hide (invisible) a list item but not just hide the checkbox icon (square)

items is a list item with the checkbox hidden

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You could use other controls like Repeater. – Tim Schmelter Jul 1 '11 at 12:51

I recently did this as part of a project and accomplished it via setting an attribute when creating the ListItem and then using CSS to style it.

li.Attributes.Add("id", "removecheckbox");

Since the attribute is added as part of a tag, you can use the following descriptor in your CSS.

    color: Gray;
#removecheckbox input
    display: none;

Of course, you can format the CSS any way you'd like, but this should get you started. If you'd like more information using selectors in CSS, check out this reference from


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