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I am building a small Wpf aplication to learn myself wpf. And i have encountered a problem with one of the controlers. i Have an object with a list of url's in a string format, and i want to bind them to an image and use the wpf converter class to convert the url's to bitmaps.

But when i implement the converter the program throws the following error:

'XmlParseException was unhandled'

And in the details it says this:

"{"Unable to cast object of type 'ChanGrabber.Converter' to type 'System.Windows.Data.IValueConverter'."}"

This is the code for referencing the converter in the xaml:

    <local:Converter x:Key="Convert"/>

This is the code where i use the control:

  <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
    <Image Source="{Binding ThumbImgUrl, Converter={StaticResource Convert}}" />

and here is the code for the converter:

namespace ChanGrabber
    class Converter
        [valueconversion(typeof(string), typeof(bitmapimage))]
        public class imageconverter : ivalueconverter
            public object convert(object value, type targettype, object parameter, system.globalization.cultureinfo culture)
                    string mypath = (string)value;
                    uri myuri = new uri(mypath);
                    bitmapimage animage = new bitmapimage(myuri);
                    return animage;
                catch (exception)

                    return new bitmapimage(new uri("ikke funket"));

            public object convertback(object value, type targettype, object parameter, system.globalization.cultureinfo culture)
                throw new notimplementedexception();

And this is is the object i am binding to the image

class MainPosts : MainLinks
        public MainPosts(string _title, string _link, String _postText, string _imageUrl, string _thumbUrl) :base(_title,_link)
            PostText = _postText;
            ImageUrl = _imageUrl;
            ThumbImgUrl = _thumbUrl;

        public String PostText { get; set; }

        public String ImageUrl { get; set; }

        public string ThumbImgUrl { get; set; }

I have no idea why it won't work, and i am getting abit frustrated on the program. Any help will be so incredibly appreciated

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use <local:imageconverter x:Key="Convert"/>

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Thanks, that helped. Turns out the problem was that i had put the imageconverter class inside another class called converter. But i was to code-blind to see it. Your suggestion put me on the track to the error. – Roger Tjosås Jul 4 '11 at 5:55

Your converter needs to implement the IValueConverter interface, otherwise WPF won't know what to do with it (so it gives you that exception.)

class Converter : IValueConverter
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Thanks for the help, but that wasn't the problem. I had somehow managed to press the keycombination that made everything small caps when i copied the code. – Roger Tjosås Jul 4 '11 at 5:54

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