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I bind ProductsPhoto to children using bindModel method:

            ('hasMany' => array(
                'ProductsPhoto' => array... 

How can I bind ProductsPhoto to every product item?

Or maybe any other solution suggestion?

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$this->ProductsPhoto->bindModel() ? –  sibidiba Jul 1 '11 at 16:31

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in your controller ,write below code

$this->ProductsPhoto->bindModel('hasMany' => array('Product.productphoto_id' => 'ProductPhoto.id');

in your ProductPhoto model,

var $hasMany = array(
    'Product' =>
                    'className' => 'ProductPhoto',
                    'foreignKey' => 'productphoto_id',
                    'conditions' => '',
                    'fields' => '',
                    'order' => '',
                    'counterCache' => ''

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On the fly: $this->ProductsPhoto->bindModel('hasMany' => 'Product');

Via ProductsPhoto class property: $hasMany = 'Product';

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