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I want to create a custom field type (MyCompLookup) that will be used in lists that all users will have access to. However, the field type will be fairly complicated / confusing to a regular user who is creating a simple list in their department's site. Is there a way to restrict certain users from selecting the custom field when they are creating columns for their lists?

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I'm afraid you can't set ACL on field types.

A few things you can do to achieve some kind of workaround:

  • Add a custom logic in SPField OnAdded method that removes the field immediately after it was added by a regular user. This method might be very confusing for users, so at least you should give a descriptive name to your field. You can find a similar solution here, where I add extra fields to the list in this method.

  • You can add a custom editor control (see a simple sample here) to your field, that interactsts with other controls on the add new field page, for example disables the OK button.

Hope it helps.

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