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One of the new APIs made available to developers is Geolocation API. As it's been defined in Specification, any browser should take the express permission of the user when revealing his/her geographic position to the surfed website. However, it's also been said that user can revoke that given permission at any time. I searched almost everywhere in Chrome and Firefox and I didn't find any place to revoke given permissions. Does anyone know how should I do that? (This is also the case in Contacts API)

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chrome://settings/content has a section that allows you to revoke location permissions.

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Great, thank you. It's been said that revocation process should be easy. This was kind of less intuitive than being considered easy. –  Saeed Neamati Jul 1 '11 at 14:58
Note that you don't have to get there via the url, it's just a convenient shortcut –  Basic Jan 29 at 20:51

For Firefox: Right-click the page, "View Page Info", there go to the "Permissions" tab. The entry you are interested in is "Share Location".

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Still far from being easily accessible. Thank you. –  Saeed Neamati Jul 1 '11 at 15:03
@Saeed: Not sure, how much easier do you want to have it? That's the page summarizing everything you allowed that webpage to do. –  Wladimir Palant Jul 1 '11 at 15:09
Page info shows something in Chrome, shows something else in Firefox. There is no page info in IE and ..., to be intuitive means that you gotta go to tools menu, click options, there should be a tab called security. It's simpler. :) –  Saeed Neamati Jul 1 '11 at 15:12

In Android Chromium (default Android browser; usually called "Browser" or "Internet") you must go to Settings > Privacy > Remove private date, check Location access and click OK.

In Android Chrome open Menu (HW button or top-right button) and go to Settings > Advanced > Content settings > Website settings and uncheck Location access under each website you want to reset the settings.

For Android Firefox go to the page with location access and long press the URL bar (it have to be highlighted while you press it). In popup menu choose Edit site settings, check the Share location and click Clear.

And in Android Opera you must delete all web data (Menu > Settings > Clear Browsing data > Clear Cookies and Data).

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In Chrome you can just click the document that is to the left of the URL in the address bar and change all your different privacy settings, including geo tag, from there.

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In Chrome, the most straight-forward way to manage location settings for a site is to:

  1. Enter the site
  2. Click the crosshair symbol (position indicator, ⌖) that is second on the right:

Chrome address bar with location icon

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