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I understand the frivolous nature of this problem, but it is a requirement of my client.

  • On my page I have a vertical menu that loads pages
  • There is some static content in a div at the top
  • And dynamic content in a tabbed pane below. This dynamic content is 2 tables that are reloaded with ajax when each vertical menu item is selected. So the div is not reloaded only the content of those tables.
  • The purpose of the tabs are to mimic the vertical menu while making this div appear to be a tabbed pane, which I have already implemented. See below:

    |vetical|                                                      |
    | menu  |                 Static Content                       |
    |       |------------------------------------------------------|
    |       | [TAB][TAB][TAB]                                      |
    |       | -----------------------------------------            |
    |       | :                                       :            |
    |       | :    Dynamic Content                    :            |
    |       | :                                       :            |
    |       | :                                       :            |

    My issue is this. When a tab is inactive and I select an item on the vertical menu. How can I make it appear as if this tab has been activated. I already tried to search for the tab and call $("myTabs").tabs('selected',index); but this has given me no results.

    Thanks, hope I was not confusing

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    Sorry I just found the solution under related. It is here

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