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I want to make a program that takes an image as input and outputs text. Now I know that I can use a neural network to turn an image of single character into that character. The difficult part is: given an image with text in it, how would I produce all the rectangles around each individual character?

So what sort of methods are used for this and does anyone know of any research papers that discuss how to do it? Thank you

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A basic approach is to make a histogram of black pixels. First: project all pixels on a line. The deep valleys in the histgram indicate separation between lines (try different angles if the paper might be tilted). Then, per line (or per page if you know the font is monospaced) project the pixels on a horizontal histogram. This will give you a strong indication of inter character spaces. As a minimum this gives you a value for the average character height and width that will help you in next steps.

After that, you need to take care of kerning (where characters overlap). Find the connected pixels, possibly by first doing dilatation or erosion on the image to compensate for scanning artifacts.

Depending on the quality of the scan image you may have to use more advanced techniques, but this will get you going.

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This is very interesting because, while I think the method you describe will work quite well sometimes, it cannot learn? The neural network can be trained to get better at reading individual symbols but once it's perfect, using your ideas, I feel like perhaps it would be limited by this part of the procedure. Do you think that is the case or am I misjudging? –  quanta Jul 8 '11 at 9:34
Ah, I slightly misread your question. The traditional approach is to do 1) image enhancement 2) segmentation 3) character recognition (using NN) 4) use context information (dictionary lookup or applying statistical data). You basically have the choice to do segmentation using NN or combine 2) and 3) using NN. The latter will be challenging but has potential advantages. If you want to apply NN to segmentation, you'll have to come up with good features. Using the histogram valleys might be one of them (I haven't done this myself so really cannot predict the outcome). –  Emile Jul 8 '11 at 18:40

This doesn't sound like artificial intelligence, it sounds like you're talking about OCR:


See google tesseract


EDIT The unedited question was asking about artificial intelligence.

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@quanta AI and OCR are not the same thing. By calling it AI, you're describing the wrong thing. –  Raoul Jul 4 '11 at 8:25

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