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I have a list of longitude and latitude points that plot an object moving over time on a map; it sort of forms a line that curves around a bit. I am using Matlab to generate these points and would like to export them into a polyline shapefile to load in ArcGIS.

After looking at this example from the mathworks website, I am able to create a line geostruct object:

[Tracks(1:length(myLon)-1).Geometry] = deal('Line');
trackType = 'gc';
[Tracks.Type] = deal(trackType);
for i = 1:(length(myLon)-1)
    [Tracks(i).Lon Tracks(i).Lat] = track2(trackType, myLon(i, 1), myLat(i, 1), myLon(i+1, 1), myLat(i+1, 1));

shapewrite(Tracks, 'path_line');

This generally works fine but Geostruct does not contain any type of projection, although the documentation claims Mapstruct does. Unfortunately I don't see any examples or functions on how to create a Mapstruct. Does anyone know how I would go about doing that?

Also, I tried to create a Point Geostruct instead of a line using the mathworks example, but it doesn't generate the .dbf file, only .shp and .shx files. Is there any explanation for this? Thanks for any suggestions!

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you would need to use the "define projection" tool in arcgis to define the projection of your imported polyline. This should create a corresponding .prj file.

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you have to have at least one 'attribute' in the geostruct other than the lat and lon and geometry values for the .dbf file to be created

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