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I need to find elements with the different value of the same attribute... This works-> $data.find("div[data-alpha='1']"); But i need something like this-> $data.find('div[data-alpha='1']' + 'div[data-alpha='2']' .... So i want to find all elements which have the ,,data-alpha" atribute 1 or 2. Anyone have an idea how to do that? Thanks for all answers! Cheers!

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Use the multiple-selector[docs].

$data.find("div[data-alpha='1'], div[data-alpha='2']")

This allows you to accumulate the results of different selectors by joining the selectors with a comma into a single selector.

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Try the add() method (http://api.jquery.com/add/).

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If you want to find all elements with the data-alpha attribute use


If you need elements with specific values, use:

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