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I'm building in FlashDevlop as pure AS3.

I'm looking at building a kiosk that uses two screens. Its used to administer tests. So one screen has the test, second the controls for admin the test. I have played with wide app but its not very elegant and I really would like both screens to run full screen on each screen. Is it possible to have one air app spawn two native air windows? A secondary question is it possible to detect multiple screens and target a screen to full screen to? Even something as simple as checking the window size to detect would work, im just not sure I can move and if the low level api will fullscreen on that screen. I could not find any examples of this in the docs.

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What docs did you look into? I found it right away.

You'll need the Screen class if you want information on the screens that are connected to the PC. And here's some documentation on using it.

To create new windows, just instantiate a new NativeWindow class and call activate() on it when you're done configuring.

There's a lot of other useful stuff for you in the flash.display package. All the AIR stuff is marked with a little AIR icon. I have to admit that it would have been easier to find if they had put these classes in a separate AIR package.

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adobe.com/go/as3lr –  Technik Empire Jul 1 '11 at 22:11

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