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I have a custom object in SalesForce called Deal, which is a child of the built-in Account object. I am trying to use the Bulk XML API to upload a batch of records, but I can't seem to figure out how to specify this relationship correctly. From the documentation it says that you should reference a custom object's relationships like so:


If you have any idea how to specify a relationship to the Account object from a custom object I'd really appreciate it.


The Deal object has the following 2 fields:

  • DealID
    • API Name - DealID__c
    • Data Type - Text(255)(External ID)(Unique Case Sensitive)
  • Account
    • API Name - Account__c
    • Data Type - Master-Detail(Account)

Request XML:

Result XML:
<message>Field name provided, Id is not an External ID or indexed field for Account</message>

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There appears to be a bug and you have to strip out all whitespace and newlines when dealing with reference objects.

Check out:


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From the docs


Everything looks good, but instead of using "ID" for the Indexed Field Name, you need to use "Account__c". That should take care of your issue.

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