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I would like to create an event observer that I want to show a message / alert box when total weight of cart surpass 23 kg (to tell the truth, I want an event to check weight limit and trigger the alert box when customer add a product to cart).

Could anybody help me to make such an observer?

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You don't need anything so involved...

Already you have been given the code to write the weight out, put this code in a block, put it in the header (or even your cart sidebar) and add an IF statement.

Don't just put

if($weight>23) { echo "Too Heavy - Shopping Cart is going to burst itselves!" }

put a custom variable in admin and compare it against that. In that weigh, if you change courier then your customer can update the max weight.

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This link could help you :

If you have SSH access, grep 'dispatchEvent' to get the list of all events

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