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I'm experimenting with sproutcore 2, but looking at the example i find many classes that are not covered in the docs.

I know that the project is still alpha so probably the docs are not complete. But I was wondering if is there a way to know which classes and methods are already there!

There is any other docs around or the only solution is to look at the source?


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The only possibilities I know are the official blog posts and the Github repository for sproutcore 2.0. If you open the tag for beta1 and navigate to the package directory you know the modules which were already moved to sproutcore 2.

Moreover, you can generate the 2.0 API documentation on your on. Just see the readme in the docs folder on Github for further details.

There are generated docs and guides

that only cover the 2.0 stuff, but take care the API docs for example were generated on May, 25 for the 2.0 alpha. There is a good chance that some things changed. If you generate the docs on your own, you will get the latest version.

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fair enough +1 ... – hvgotcodes Jul 1 '11 at 19:43
I opened an issue on github to get the docs upgraded and it seems that there is ongoing work to update the 2.0 docs. See github.com/sproutcore/sproutcore20/issues/… – Steffen Jul 1 '11 at 23:27
I used jsdoc on sproutcore and the classes are still missing. But if you browse to /symbols/src/_Users_Angelo_Downloads_sproutcore2starter-kit_js_libs_sproutcore-2‌​.0.beta.1.js you have this html file with all the classes (Angelo is my name). Weird uh? here you can find the jsdoc output cl.ly/3p150T022P1c3e363S1j – Bakaburg Jul 2 '11 at 10:23

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