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I am trying to use coefplot(), as described in this article:

However, when I run that exact code, I get only one regression plotted, rather than 3. Here is a screenshot showing the exact code I have run, plus the output plot.

I am really not sure what else to do. Your help would be much appreciated.

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After further investigation my earlier answer is shown to be untrue. My viewing of your image was in error. The code in that page throws errors for me. Need to investigate further. Will delete my earlier answer so you question shows up with zero answers. – 42- Jul 2 '11 at 18:21
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The code for coefplot does not accept an argument for offset anymore. It's not in the documentation and its not in the formals list. You can make a version that does by modifying the code for coefplot:

Type coefplot2 return . Copy-paste the function to the command line and precede it with

coefplot2 <-  # the rest of the pasted function should follow

then add voffset=0 to the formals list and change this line:

arrows(ci1, (1:k), ci2, (1:k), lty = lty[1], lwd = lwd[1], col = col,

To this

arrows(ci1, (1:k)+voffset, ci2, (1:k)+voffset, lty = lty[1], lwd = lwd[1], col = col,

And change the points line to:

points(cf , (1:k)+voffset, pch = pch, col = col)

Then hit enter and you should have a new coefplot2 function. Then this should work

coefplot2(M2, xlim=c(-2, 6) )
par(new=TRUE)    # could not get the add=TRUE argument to work either.
coefplot2(M3, col="blue", xlim=c(-2, 6), voffset=0.4)
coefplot2(M1, col="red", xlim=c(-2, 6) , voffset=0.2)
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I will point out that coefplot2 (my extension of coefplot which has some nice features but still needs more work), available from R-forge, does this:

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