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How do you execute methods in your program and display the return value. For example, how do I execute the following method

[self.view.subviews count]

when the program is stopped at a breakpoint?

Also, how do you view the value of a property w/o hovering over it w/ the cursor?

This is an example of a method call so just view it as such.

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You can use either "print object" or "print" statements in gdb. Let's say you have an array with @"one" and @"two" as its contents. To print the array do this

gdb> po myArray

To print only the last array object:

gdb> po [myArray lastObject]

To print a simple scalar value use "print" with type information parameter like this:

gdb> p (int)[myArray count]
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When I tried this p (int) self.currentIndex or p (int) [self currentIndex] where currentIndex is an int property of the class where the breakpoint is located, nothing is displayed (gdb) on the next line? I can see the value is 1 in the Local window. –  ChrisP Jul 1 '11 at 21:11
I see know the window has several views one of which is Debugger Output which displays some values. However p (int) [self.view.subviews count] displays "There is no member names view" when it is a property of self? –  ChrisP Jul 1 '11 at 21:24
Can you confirm that you are in the right stack frame? Try typing gdb> l to see the code around your current breakpoint. –  Eimantas Jul 2 '11 at 4:53

GDB doesn't know what return type to expect from a method, so you have to tell it by casting the result:

(gdb) print (int)[myArray count]
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