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I got a multidimentional array of objetcts wich needs to be "filtered" in some cases. This is the function I wrote:

foreach($data["index"] as $key => $value){

It doesn't returns me any errors, but when the array is var_dumped, the values I thought I've unset are still there.

I found this on another topic:

foreach ($this->result['list'] as $key => &$row) {
    if ($this_row_is_boring) {

I think the only difference from the one I wrote, is that he calls $this->result when I call $data.

Any ideas? thanks

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If the regular expression makes no match, unset() will never be called.

Can you insert a statement to determine if preg_match() ever returns true?

    echo "Match found with \$key: $key\n";
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