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This is my code:

    <div class="editor-label">
        @Html.LabelFor(model => model.Comments[0].Comment)
    <div class="editor-field">
        @Html.EditorFor(model => model.Comments[0].Comment)
        @Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.Comments[0].Comment)

This is what it generates:

    <div class="editor-label">
        <label for="Comments_0__Comment">Comment</label>
    <div class="editor-field">
        <input class="text-box single-line" data-val="true" data-val-required="The Comment field is required." id="Comments_0__Comment" name="Comments[0].Comment" type="text" value="" />
        <span class="field-validation-valid" data-valmsg-for="Comments[0].Comment" data-valmsg-replace="true"></span>

How do I tell it that the field should be a text box with five lines instead of just a single-line text box?

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Use DataType- 'MultilineText'/

 public string Text { get; set; }

ASP.NET MVC3 - textarea with @Html.EditorFor

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That was too easy. –  Jonathan Allen Jul 1 '11 at 20:54

in your view, instead of:

@Html.EditorFor(model => model.Comments[0].Comment)

just use:

@Html.TextAreaFor(model => model.Comments[0].Comment, 5, 1, null)
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Another way

@Html.TextAreaFor(model => model.Comments[0].Comment)

And in your css do this

    font-family: inherit;
    width: 650px;
    height: 65px;

That DataType dealie allows carriage returns in the data, not everybody likes those.

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