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I have a net.liftweb.util.Box object which is returned as a result of a search on a user id. The box object returns something like:


How can I access the entity within the Box? In particular, I want to access the attributes of the entity inside the box.

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Please see

You can access the contents of a Box within a foreach/map method invocation. For example if you wanted to get the name out of your entity: openOr "No Name Provided"

If the Box is Full, you'll get the entity name otherwise, you'll get the message.

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How would you unbox a complete object, instead of just a field. Say for example you wanted to create a new arbitrary object based on the fields of the returned object. – JacobusR Aug 27 '12 at 1:49

If you want execute some operation on the object on box dmap is helpful.

For example:

fooBox.dmap("Yo!")(foo => 
  // dome some staff with foo 
  result // must be string

You can get the element directly by calling fooBox.open_! but it's not recommended. It often raises null pointer exception when box is empty.

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