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So, after this wonderful and probably impossible to understand title, here is my problem. I have this Button object:

class Button
    public Texture2D Texture {get;set;}
    public string Name {get;set;}

I'm holding a list of all the buttons in a List<Button> buttons. At some point in the code, I need to return the Texture property from a Button. I can't be sure of the value of it, so I can't search the button from it's Texture value. I need to search its name. I'm currently using a delegate:

SomeMethod(buttons.Find(delegate (Button btn) 
    return btn.Name = "Title";

However, I can't return the Texture property this way, unless I create a temporary Button object.

So, how would I return the Texture property, by searching it by its Name ?

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You can use LINQ:

Texture2D theTexture = buttons
                        .Where(b => b.Name = "Title")
                        .Select(b => b.Texture)

If you want to handle "no matches", you can use .FirstOrDefault(), which will cause it to return null if there is no matching Name.

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Yep, it worked. Thank you ! – pikzen Jul 1 '11 at 20:57


Texture2D t = buttons.Where(x => x.Name == givenName).Select(x => x.Texture).FirstOrDefault();
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If you can ensure that you always have the one you're searching for you could even do it with less.......

var tex = buttons.First(x => x.Name == givenName).First().Texture;
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