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The accepted answer to this question claims that using a char column will preserve all filling spaces in a string in Sybase, but that is not the behavior I am seeing (unless I'm mistaken about what 'filling spaces' means). For example, when I run the following script:

create table #check_strings
    value char(20) null

insert into #check_strings values (null)
insert into #check_strings values ('')
insert into #check_strings values (' ')
insert into #check_strings values ('     ')
insert into #check_strings values ('blah')
insert into #check_strings values ('blah ')
insert into #check_strings values ('blah    ')
insert into #check_strings values ('    blah    ')

select value, len(value) from #check_strings

I get the following output:

[NULL]            - [NULL]
[single space]    - 1
[single space]    - 1
[single space]    - 1
blah              - 4
blah              - 4
blah              - 4
[four spaces]blah - 8

Is there any way to get Sybase to not strip off trailing spaces? Additionally, is there any way to get it to save an empty string as an empty string, and not as a single space?

I'm using Sybase 15.5.

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"When you create a char, unichar, or nchar column that allows nulls, Adaptive Server converts it to a varchar, univarchar, or nvarchar column and uses the storage rules for those datatypes."

Please, check not null column.

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Thanks. It works with the not null setting, but the problem is that it always returns strings of length 20 (e.g. I insert a blank string, and it returns 20 spaces on the select). This is not an acceptable solution. Varchar is the way to go, but this behavior of modifying the data that I'm inserting is quite an annoying behavior in Sybase. – Javid Jamae Jul 29 '11 at 19:21
Some time ago I had to always add one character at the end in the same case. Of course I had to remove this last character at the client side. This is't best but working in my case soution. – kolchanov Jul 30 '11 at 23:32

To have fixed length on char columns, you must use the not null attribute.

For variable length columns, use varchar or char with a null attribute.

Then to measure the real data size use the datalength function not the len function nor the charlength function.

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