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Imagine you have an object of some shape and you want to project a video on it. One of the ways to do that is putting projectors around the object at various positions so that some projectors cover areas which others cannot due to the shape of the object. Then the processing unit would render the whole picture so it wraps the object, compress it, and send to the projectors.

There are, certainly, other ways to achieve the same but that's a different story. Currently it's only a concept among others, and I'm trying to figure out how feasible is it. Unfortunately, I'm not a video engineer so I need your help to outline a solution.

Projectors are connected to the processing unit via WiFi. The problem with WiFi is that bandwidth is simply not enough to transmit the whole picture, even compressed. We can, however, split the network of projectors into several segments and split the whole picture into corresponding pieces so the segment's bandwidth is enough to transmit its piece.

Now, the problem is - how to synchronize projecting the frame between the segments? Projectors' clocks are synchronized with ~1 ms precision. Is there are some timestamps in video formats which allow displaying a given frame in its due time?

So, the long story short: we have a video frame split into several pieces, how do we display these pieces synchronously on different devices?

I know only basics about video streams and formats so I really appreciate your advice, guys! Thanks in advance!

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Can you give more information about the hardware? What kind of projectors do you use? What protocol is used between projectors and the processing unit? Some info about the processing unit would also be helpful. –  Isso Jul 1 '11 at 23:47
@user825318 - all those things are not defined yet. As I said, this is a concept among others and most things are defined very generally at the moment. So there is enough freedom for choice. Let's consider projectors being screens for simplicity. Transport between PU and projector is TCP/IP over WiFi, but communication protocol is not yet defined so we can chose. The same for video encoding. Preferably it's something like x264 but not necessary. What would you use? –  JBM Jul 2 '11 at 9:13
I found a cue - Presentation time stamp which can be added to an MPEG stream for synchronization: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presentation_time_stamp –  JBM Jul 3 '11 at 20:44

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