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I'm trying to create an instance of the IPortableDeviceManager class with the method CoCreateInstance(..) but I cannot find the CLSID a.k.a GUID of the class.

I dived in to the Windows SDK in an attempt to find the GUID but the only thing I could find was the following line in the file PortableDeviceApi.h:

EXTERN_C const CLSID CLSID_PortableDeviceManager;

That didn't really help me out either..

So, what am I doing wrong? Is there any way I can find out the GUID of IPortableDeviceManager? Or instantiate an instance of it?

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You might consider changing the title of your post to "Creating an IPortableDeviceManager in C#" - since that's really what you want to do. –  Steve Jul 1 '11 at 21:45

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Have you seen this article: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/wpdblog/archive/2007/11/26/creating-a-temperature-sensor-gadget-for-windows-sidebar.aspx

Called "Creating a Temperature-Sensor Gadget for Windows Sidebar with C#"... and it references this article:


Called "Enumerating WPD devices in C#"... which references this article (LOL):



Step 1:

To start, create a new C# Console Application project. Next select the "Project>Add Reference ..." menu option. Click the "COM" tab in the "Add Reference" dialog and make sure the following items are selected and then click OK:

PortableDeviceApi 1.0 Type Library

PortableDeviceTypes 1.0 Type Library

Step 2:

PortableDeviceApiLib.PortableDeviceManagerClass devMgr = new PortableDeviceApiLib.PortableDeviceManagerClass();

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