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I have 2 tables as below:

select 1 as id,
'A' as place 
into #places
select 2 as id,
'B' as place 
select 3 as id,
'C' as place
select 4 as id,
'D' as place

select 'x' as name,
2 as start,
3 as endd 
into #travel
select 'y' as name,
4 as start,
1 as endd
select 'z' as name,
1 as start,
3 as endd

select * from #places
select * from #travel


Now I want to get name/start place/end place using joins?

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select #travel.*, pstart.place as start, pend.place as end
from #travel inner join #places as pstart on pstart.id = #travel.start
inner join #places as pend on pend.id = #travel.end
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 p1.place as start_place,
 p2.place as end_place
 travel t
 JOIN places p1 on t.start = p1.id
 JOIN places p2 on t.endd = p2.id
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