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So, I am trying to do something slightly hacky to apply a coregistration from one data set to another....long story.

That works fine, the problem that I am having is when saving a NIFTI using this package.

%Make a NIFTI image of the grey map
    greyNii = load_nii(greyPath);
    greyNii = load_untouch_nii(greyPath);
greyMatrix = greyNii.img;

greyNifti.img = greyMatrix;

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%CHECK TYPE%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
>> wtf = whos('greyMatrix')
wtf = 
          name: 'greyMatrix'
          size: [181 217 181]
         bytes: 56873096
         class: 'double'
        global: 0
        sparse: 0
       complex: 0
       nesting: [1x1 struct]
    persistent: 0


%Then I attempt to make a NIFTI with a new header with the translation info in it:
greyNifti.hdr = translationHdr;

save_nii(greyNifti, [outputDir '\greyImage.img']);
resliceCell{2} = [outputDir '\greyImage.img'];

If I reload the data, the matrix have been converted to int16 <_>.

If anyone can help me, you would make this cancer researcher a happy man :D



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That package appears to be regularly updated, contacting the author might help. –  Ashish Uthama Jul 6 '11 at 13:18
Yeah I did, the problem is that I can't share my data, as it is private. But I figured out that it was a property of part of the header getting overwritten. Still don't know why load_nii doesn't work and I have to use load_untouch_nii....oh well. –  tylerthemiler Jul 6 '11 at 17:34

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