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How can I convert a hex value to a decimal value in VB6?

I'm trying just to see if this works:

Dim hexVal as string
hexVal = "#7B19AB"
clng("&H" & hexVal)

however, I'm getting "Type MisMatch" error.

Any ideas?

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Ahh, you mean "convert a hex String to a binary Long." There is no "decimal" involved at all. –  Bob77 Jul 2 '11 at 4:08

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Get rid of the # sign

Dim hexVal as string
hexVal = "7B19AB"
clng("&H" & hexVal)
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Get rid of the number sign (#) in the hexVal string.

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Try It:

value=CDbl("&H" & HexValue) 


value=CInt("&H" & HexValue) 'but range +- 32,768
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Thank you for posting that answer but it is a duplicate of others already posted and accepted. If you want to improve an existing anser, please edit it and it will be reviewed by others in the community. –  Deanna Sep 12 '12 at 12:33

This should do it

Dim hexVal as String
hexVal = "#7B19AB"
Dim intVal as Integer
intVal = Val("&H" & Replace(hexVal, "#", ""))
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