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I am trying to build a tiny app to read from an xml file and display on a widget. I don't know which widget to use exactly; QTextBrowser, QTextedit and QWebView. I can't seem to find a good explanation. Please help as much as you can. Before i get, I'm so new to Python, PyQt and my programming ain't good at all.

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I suggest you first interprete the xml content into a dom object, and then show whatever you want from that object into your widget. For the first part (detailed info here):

from xml.dom import minidom
dom = minidom.parse('my_xml.xml')
print(dom.toxml()) # .toxml() creates a string from the dom object

def print_some_info(node):
    print('node representation: {0}'.format(node))
    print('.nodeName: ' + node.nodeName)
    print('.nodeValue: {0}'.format(node.nodeValue))
    for child in node.childNodes:


(using e.g. an xml example in file 'my_xml.xml' from here)

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