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So I made a small app that doesn't do much. It just has a controller with an index method that does some math. It's a test app. I wanted this test app to run on Tomcat wrapped in a WAR.

When I deploy this app on TOmcat is gives me :


yield called out of block.

The app work fine with WebRick. Can someone point me to how to solve this problem ? I have no ideea were to start.

Thank you PS I have - jruby-1.6.2(rvm) - warble 1.3.1 - Tomcat 6

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I got the same error message with a rails 3.0.9 app because of a invalid entry in the database.yml (wrong username/password). I assume the war file uses the production environment - check your production database settings.

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Wow. Thank you very much. You were right. – user808855 Jul 3 '11 at 12:02

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