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Need a call on this situation. If I have this function:

var timerID;
function playBack(client,log){
    if (timerID) clearInterval(timerID);
    timerID = setInterval(function(){
        var buffer = [],
            numberOfLogLines = log.length;
        while(numberOfLogLines > 0){
            var l = log.pop().trim(); // pull from the top
            if(l.split(",")[0] === "$TIMETOSEND"){ //flag for the timming signal
                client.send("{\"playback\":" + JSON.stringify(buffer) + "}");

and call


at some other point does this stop the callback? I am trying to create a pause/play situation which to start the playBack again I would invoke the playBack(client,log) again to restart. Seems to work but, I am wondering does clearing the interval stop the callBack. I don't want to create a log jam for the case of the heavy "pause/play" happy people.

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A call to clearInterval( timerID ) will stop any future calls to your anonymous function. If there are previous calls of it running, then these will finish.

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