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What is the best way to add a UIViewController on top of a UIViewController which is already present on my iPhone. There are two ways I know of. But is there a better way? Which one of these is better, if not?

1. [self presentModalViewController:controller animated:NO];
2. [self.view addSubview:someController.view];
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[[self view] addSubview: [otherViewController view]];

CGRect frame = [[self view] frame];

int direction = 1;
switch (direction) {
    case 0: // from bottom
        frame.origin.y = [[self view] frame].size.height;
        [[otherViewController view] setFrame: frame];
        frame.origin.y = 0.0 - [[self view] frame].size.height;
    case 1: // from right
        frame.origin.x = [[self view] frame].size.width;
        [[otherViewController view] setFrame: frame];
        frame.origin.x = 0.0 - [[self view] frame].size.width;

[UIView animateWithDuration: 1.0
                      delay: 0.0
                    options: UIViewAnimationOptionCurveEaseInOut
                     [[self view] setFrame: frame];
                 completion: ^(BOOL finished) {

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This depends on how you want to implement it. If you want to show the view controller and dismiss it using existing transitions, you can use presentModalViewController. But, if you want to show it with some custom animations, you can use addSubView. And again, it entirely depends on you.

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So if I had a UIViewController and I wanted to add a subview, how could I animate it? For instance, making a UIButton fly in from the right? – StanLe Jul 2 '11 at 4:07
@StanLe, You can use UIView animations. See this link,… – EmptyStack Jul 2 '11 at 4:13

It's depend on your requirement of showing view controller. There could be one more pushing the controller in navigation stack.

[self.navigationController pushViewController:anotherViewController animated:YES];

Check appl forum post for when to use pushViewController: and when presentModalViewController: .

pushViewController versus presentModalViewController

presentModalViewController vs. pushViewController

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Depends on what you want. No one way is better than the other. All are just... ways.

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Both of the way, are almost equivalent, as the make a stack of views, you can see the beneath view(till not been alkaline) by, [self removeFromSuperview], when you addSubView, and [self dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:YES];, when yo use [self presentModalViewController:tempView animated:NO];, But Yea presentModalViewController, give you default option for animation whether with addSubview, you need to work a bit for that.

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