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I am using wordpress json-api plugin and want to call get_date_index. The json response of the function is in below format.

"status": "ok",
"permalinks": [
"tree": {
"2009": {
  "09": 17,
  "10": 20,
  "11": 7

Note: the tree is arranged by response.tree.[year].[month].[number of posts].

How do i parse this response with java Parcelable object? I am using google json to parse the response. I am not able to understand how to write the java object for tree response.

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IF you mean google-gson the docs say something to this effect:

 Gson gson = new Gson(); // Or use new GsonBuilder().create();
 MyType target = new MyType();
 MyType target2 = gson.fromJson(json, MyType.class); // deserializes json into target2

json would be the string responseText.

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Is the line MyType target = new MyType(); necessary? –  Bart Kiers Jul 2 '11 at 7:02
@prodigitalson thanks for your reply... public String status; public String [] permalinks; public Map<String, Map<Integer,Integer>> tree = new HashMap<String, Map<Integer,Integer>>(); I was able to parse the response using the above map. –  Tarun Jul 2 '11 at 7:27

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