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I am new to CakePHP and this function so please help me as you can.

generatetreelist(null, null,'{n}.Category.name', '  - ');

this shows categories name and childrens perfect but I want to show my all fields of my categories in my index.ctp. For example name(already showing), status. if you could solve my problem? please do it... in my view I used:

foreach($categories as $key=>$value) {

   echo $value;//it shows just name..


in my controller:

$nCategories = $this->Category->generatetreelist(null, '{n}.Category.id','{n}.Category.name', '  - ');
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you want to use find('threaded'), not generatetree list ()

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$params = array(
        'recursive' => -1,
        'fields' => 'Category.id, Category.name, Category.parent_id',

    $categories  = $this->Category->find('threaded',$params);
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