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I need this to capture a game photo in c#. (fullscreen direct-x)

  • the problem isn't in windows vista/7 as I can disable aero there, my problem is in windows XP.

  • my method (which works in windows 7/vista) doesn't work in XP since GetWindowDC returns 0 for some reason.

    public static Image CaptureWindow(IntPtr handle)
        // get te hDC of the target window
        IntPtr hdcSrc;
        hdcSrc = User32.GetWindowDC(handle);
        // get the size
        User32.RECT windowRect = new User32.RECT();
        User32.GetWindowRect(handle, ref windowRect);
        int width = windowRect.right - windowRect.left;
        int height = windowRect.bottom - windowRect.top;
        // create a device context we can copy to
        IntPtr hdcDest = GDI32.CreateCompatibleDC(hdcSrc);
        // create a bitmap we can copy it to,
        // using GetDeviceCaps to get the width/height
        IntPtr hBitmap = GDI32.CreateCompatibleBitmap(hdcSrc, width, height);
        // select the bitmap object
        IntPtr hOld = GDI32.SelectObject(hdcDest, hBitmap);
        // bitblt over
        GDI32.BitBlt(hdcDest, 0, 0, width, height, hdcSrc, 0, 0, GDI32.SRCCOPY);
        // restore selection
        GDI32.SelectObject(hdcDest, hOld);
        // clean up 
        User32.ReleaseDC(handle, hdcSrc);
        // get a .NET image object for it
        Image img = Image.FromHbitmap(hBitmap);
        // free up the Bitmap object
        return img;

    I understand that a window's DC is pretty elementary and easy to get and I don't understand why is it failing. Any suggestions?

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What type of game is it? Is it from a Window, Full Screen Direct-X? Is it a game you wrote? –  Matthew Whited Jul 2 '11 at 12:23
Oh, its a full screen directX –  user779444 Jul 2 '11 at 12:44

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