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I'm trying to implement the "swipe for action" feature - like you can see in the "new" twitter app. A closer description you find at swipe for action description.

Now, are there any ideas/solution how to implement this feature?


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Use a GestureDetector in each row, and wrap the row contents itself in a ViewFlipper. On a swipe, switch children of the ViewFlipper.

I have a ViewSwiper that combines a GestureDetector and ViewFlipper, but it is designed to work in either direction (e.g., from the regular row, a swipe left or right would switch to the actions), which may or may not be desirable. But, it should give you an idea of how this might work.

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Thanks for your response. I have found a similiar solution to yours. goo.gl/WpFEi The first tests response a very good but laggy results. I think this solution needs a bit customizing - but i think it will work! Thanks –  Superroot Jul 2 '11 at 13:36
Does this work for Android 2.1+ GestureDetector? –  Code Droid Aug 2 '12 at 22:49
@CodeDroid: Does what "work for Android 2.1+ GestureDetector"? –  CommonsWare Aug 2 '12 at 22:51

I did something similiar to what you need - you can find some info about there. I'm doing some manual stuff there but it works nice. For your convenience here is the code I've used:

OnTouchListener gestureListener = new View.OnTouchListener() {

    private int padding = 0;
    private int initialx = 0;
    private int currentx = 0;
    private ViewHolder viewHolder;

    public boolean onTouch(View v, MotionEvent event) {

        if (event.getAction() == MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN) {
            padding = 0;
            initialx = (int) event.getX();
            currentx = (int) event.getX();
            viewHolder = ((ViewHolder) v.getTag());

        if (event.getAction() == MotionEvent.ACTION_MOVE) {
            currentx = (int) event.getX();
            padding = currentx - initialx;

        if (event.getAction() == MotionEvent.ACTION_UP ||
            event.getAction() == MotionEvent.ACTION_CANCEL) {
            padding = 0;
            initialx = 0;
            currentx = 0;

        if (viewHolder != null) {
            if (padding == 0) {
                if (viewHolder.running)
            if (padding > 75) {
                viewHolder.running = true;
            if (padding < -75) {
                viewHolder.running = false;
            v.setPadding(padding, 0, 0, 0);
        return false;
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