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can anyone please point to a working example or provide a piece of code regarding row editing and how to submit the edited data to the server? I've implemented the add and delete records functionality in my grid, but I just can't get edit to work. In ExtJS3, I used to implement a button for editing, so the user clicked on a row and then on the button and a form with all the data from that record was loaded, providing the ability to edit the data and then save it. Since, for reasons unknown to me, I cannot get this to work in ExtJS4 (getSelection() and selModel.selected.items won't load the record into my form), I am forced to use inline editing.

I've been working for days now on this one without success. I understand that I need to implement an afteredit listener but can someone be so kind to show me a way how to pass the data from the editor to a PHP script so that I may manipulate the database from there?


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the shortest thing to do after having edited is


in store you have to give in api object the server side method to update the grid record:


submit:'controllername.methodname' }"

Make it in edit event from rowEditing plugin(button update).

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