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I'd like to use couchdbkit with django but I noticed that the built-in auth system complains that the site is ImproperlyConfigured. It seems as if I haven't set the database ENGINE setting yet.

I suppose the obvious question is did I overlook something? Is it already supported?

If it's not supported are there any projects which have already tackled this problem?

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It's quite easy to write a Django custom authentication backend, which is what most seem to have done in this situation.

There is also an attempt to provide CouchDB backed auth, session and cache storage in django-couchdb-utils, although I have no experience with this module myself.

And don't forget that you can use multiple databases, keeping auth and sessions in one of Django's natively supported (SQL) databases while using CouchDB for everything else.

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You have to set the database ENGINE setting in the django settings file.

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