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My site works with all the browsers ive tested with except for IE7 (im not supporting IE6): http://smartpeopletalkfast.co.uk/jquery2/new6.htm

With IE7 their is a weird > character appearing on the page:

enter image description here

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening? Its quite hard to debug as IE7 doesnt have the F12 feature of the newer browsers. Thanks

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There's a > in your source on line 177:

                        <div class="image-div" style="background-image:url('basicDemo_files/gnome.jpg');  width: 250px;  "></div>

                        <div class="image-div"style="background-image:url('basicDemo_files/gnome.jpg');   width: 250px;  "></div>

In most cases you can debug ie7 by using dev tools (F12) in ie8 or ie9 and selecting Internet Explorer 7 from the Browser Mode menu.

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Cheers for the tip! –  jdln Jul 2 '11 at 13:57

The orphaned angle bracket is actually in your page source, between the second and third image.

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