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I recently started using Mediawiki and I am currently on version 1.17.

I would like to disable Talk namespace pages from viewing from public. I already disabled UserCreation as I would like only me to edit the pages. So, I am basically using it as a CMS.

My question is, how can I disable view access for Talk pages for public.

PS: I already disabled the tab bar, so the Discussion link doesn't appear, but if some one manually types Talk:PageName, it opens up. This is what I want to disable.

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See Restrict viewing of certain specific pages in the MediaWiki manual. –  Tgr Jul 3 '11 at 8:02

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This will only hide the talk pages. People can still use them by going to the URL directly.

In addition add this to your LocalSettings.php to prevent people from editing talk pages:

for($i = 1;$i < 12; $i += 2) {
  $wgNamespaceProtection[$i] = 'noedit';
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MediaWiki is not designed for this kind of usage since Talk pages are inherent to the system. One possible way for you would be to hide the talk page links by editing your skin.

The following CSS will hide the top talk links:

li#ca-talk {
 display: none;
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In LocalSettings.php set:

$wgDisableAnonTalk = false;

According to the Manual:$wgDisableAnonTalk this 'disables links to talk pages of anonymous users (IPs) in listings on special pages'.

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