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How can I execute a left join using LINQ and Castle Active Records?

If tried the following:

from account in AccountRecord.Queryable
join s in SchoolRecord.Queryable on account equals s.Account into schools
where account.PaymentType == "S"
select new { Account = account, School = schools.ElementAt(0) };

but that threw me the following exception:

Unable to cast object of type 'Remotion.Data.Linq.Clauses.GroupJoinClause' to type 'Remotion.Data.Linq.Clauses.FromClauseBase'.

executing the following works (but its not what I want, because I need a left join):

from account in AccountRecord.Queryable
where account.PaymentType == "S"
from school in SchoolRecord.Queryable
where school.Account == account
select new { Account = account, School = school };
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It seems this is not possible at the moment.

If I or someone else find(s) a working solution I will update this answer.

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Using the DefaultIfEmpty() may do it.


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This throws a The method or operation is not implemented-Exception at NHibernate.Linq.Visitors.QueryModelVisitor.VisitGroupJoinClause(GroupJoinClause groupJoinClause, QueryModel queryModel, Int32 index)... – ChrFin Jul 3 '11 at 9:06

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