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Is there any way to have the full documentation on an iPad without to have internet access? And of course, to be able to search...

Thanks!(I have been searching in google, but i can't find anything)

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There is an open source app called DocSets that allows you to view Apples developer documentation on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

It's available on github or in the app store

enter image description here

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Unfortunately no. I've searched for the same thing before to no avail. However, there are options to be able to have the documentation, at least in part. For one you can of course use the new Reading List in iOS 5 to save any of the pages to read later. The other option is to open the page you want on your iPad and tap on the bullet-point type button in the top left corner and choose PDF in order to view or download the PDF of that page. Theoretically you could take the time to download all the major class references and have the entire library on your iPad.

Hopefully one day Apple will realize one day that not all developers are tied down to a single spot; that some like to code on the go. But until then, those are your options for now.

EDIT: Its also worthwhile to note that if you take the PDF approach, it is most beneficial to try to get the PDF as "high up" in the chain as possible. i.e. You can get a PDF of the entire Core Image Reference Collection instead of each Core Image class individually.

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