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I just started to learn AS3 and decided to use the Platogo engine, and I got stuck on the first part. It is described as follows:

Connect your game with Platogo

Your game must successfully connect to Platogo before any function of the Platogo API can be used. The following code sample shows how to call PlatogoAPI.connect() . You need to pass the game ID from the Edit Game page, your game's root and a callback function. The callback is invoked once the connection has been established. From this point on you can continue with your normal game logic.

import com.platogo.api.PlatogoAPI;
import com.platogo.api.enums.PlatogoStatus;
import com.platogo.api.vo.PlatogoResponse;

PlatogoAPI.connect( [your game id], [reference to stage], connectHandler );

function connectHandler( response : PlatogoResponse ) : void
    if( response.status == PlatogoStatus.OK )
    trace("You are now connected to Platogo & the API is ready to be used.");

Where do I need to paste this code to? A new AS file or in my game's existing ActionScript code? and in which section?

Do I still need to keep the square bracket after substitute my id game into [your game id] and what does [reference to stage] mean?

(could you teach me how to work with normal Flash engine, too?)

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This might sound rude but, I think you'd be better off to learn some basic AS3 before trying to hook up to some third-party-api.

Your questions then:

The part '[your game id]' would entirely be substituted by the API key I presume you received somewhere. The parameter [reference to stage] would also be substituted by a reference to the stage object, in Flash Pro you're probably safe to pass in something like this this.stage.

Your call to PlagotoAPI.connect might look something like this: PlatogoAPI.connect(12345, this.stage, connectHandler);

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Yeah, that's a little bit, but fine to me, since i'm very rush. –  Brian Lin Jul 2 '11 at 16:05
but Thank you, anyway, for your help and it means a lot to me ^^ –  Brian Lin Jul 2 '11 at 16:06

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