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I'm wondering if there are any JQuery widgets out there that provide the feature for looping over loaded tweets? For example in the official widget http://twitter.com/about/resources/widgets/widget_profile there is an option to 'loop results' and I was wondering if there were any 3rd Party widgets which did the same?

Ideally I would like to apply this feature to the code I already have.

I found this excellent twitter plugin and it was really easy to customize the css. I only realized after that my site looks pretty static so I thought it might be a good idea to loop over my tweets to make it more dynamic, although I have no idea how to do this!

I downloaded the code from here: http://demo.marcofolio.net/unlimited_scroll/

A copy of the code is here as well: http://pastebin.com/e2kHtSpt

Thanks for any help in advance, I really appreciate it!

Thanks for any help!

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Mike Alsup, of jQuery Core Team has written a wonderful twitter search plugin which loops the results.
( Demo here )

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