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I installed sfDoctrineGuardUser for Symfony 1.4.11, but I can't find the action.class, where register user. I find only class sfGuardCreateUserTask :

  protected function execute($arguments = array(), $options = array())
    $databaseManager = new sfDatabaseManager($this->configuration);

    $user = new sfGuardUser();

    $this->logSection('guard', sprintf('Create user "%s"', $arguments['username']));

but this isn't this...

I can't find anywhere for example $user->setFirstName($arguments['first_name']); and modified to:

$user->setFirstName($arguments['first_name'] . '@');

Where is the action.class in sfDoctrineGuardPlugin for create new user?

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Basically, you don't need that action (or to customize it) in order to create new users. Just create a custom action that generates your registration form and handles the post:

$user = new sfGuardUser();
$user-> // manipulate however you like
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or something similar

if this is what you're looking for, don't rewrite it in there!! Instead, copy the action to your normal sfGuard module and edit it there

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i don't have this folder – Bill Prize Jul 2 '11 at 16:52

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