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I'm trying to encrypt a string in sha1 and I get an error from the server:

"No Module Named hashlib"

By using the following code:

import hashlib
encrypted = hashlib.sha1(string)
encrypted = encrypted.digest()

I'll appreciate any help,

Thanks, Guy Dor

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I guess the python version you used is too old, according to docs.python.org/library/hashlib.html hashlib is only available in python 2.5+ –  Tedil Jul 2 '11 at 15:06

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You've probably got a python version < 2.5. Use the sha module instead.

Here's the differences:

>>> import sha
>>> s = sha.new()
>>> s.update('hello')
>>> s.digest()


>>> import hashlib
>>> hashlib.sha1('hello').digest()
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Also, FWIW and for others ending up here, but for hashlib.md5():

import md5

m = md5.new()
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hashlib is a new module/library in python 2.5 the server certainly run python 2.4 or earlier

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On some python derivatives such as Jython, use the following:

import _hashlib
h =  _hashlib()
md5Res = h.openssl_md5("helloYou").hexdigest()
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