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I am very sorry if this is a horribly newbie question, but again, I'm very new to tkinter... When I use the place manager to put a button on the frame, it appears on top of the listbox, but when it gets into the empty space, it goes under it. The listbox acts as a window to the button underneath the empty space. Here's a picture= enter image description here


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Can you post your code so we have a starting point? – Stephen Terry Jul 2 '11 at 18:00

There is a stacking order between all widgets (initially defined by a number of factors including order of creation; it's quite complicated because of nesting) and what you've got here is a case where the stacking order isn't right. Fix it by using raise to bring widgets (such as your button) to the front.

(Also be aware that it's usually not a great idea to use place to position widgets; good GUIs tend to use pack and, particularly, grid.)

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