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I'd like to use a m out of n cryptosystem for storing sensitive data (2 out of 3 to be exact). I've learned from Wikipedia that it's called a threshold cryptosystem, but I haven't found any practical implementations.

For regular public key cryptography we have standards like PEM and implementations like OpenSSL ready to use. Is there something similar for m out of n cryptography? I would like to avoid having to invent my own ways to store (serialize) keys and encrypt them with a password. All of this is trivial to use with OpenSSL. And the worst thing would be relying on some homebrew implementation of a crypto algorithm.

I'm most interested in Python libraries, but I'd like to hear if there is a standard and an implementation in any language.

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Well, it's a homebrew implementation, but I think it's pretty good. And it's in Python. Take a look at

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It's just pure algorithm, so not what I'm looking for, but a nice implementation in case there is no standard. Thanks! – GDR Jul 3 '11 at 9:27

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