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This questions comes from another similar question. Sometimes I have to deal with this case.

Do you know if exist an special name in Object Oriented Programming, for a initial method that has been declared virtual, that is intentionally not abstract, but, does nothing, or does not have any code at all, but, maybe called ?

This example is pseudocode, but, applies to any O.O. programming language:

public class MyBaseClass 
  public abstract virtual void OverrideMe();
  public virtual void DoSomething() { cout << "Hello Mars\n" }
  public virtual void MayDoSomething() { /* Nothing, yet */ }

public class MyDerivedClass : MyBaseClass
  public override void OverrideMe() { cout << "Hello Neptune\n" }
  public override void DoSomething() { cout << "Hello Jupiter\n" }
  public override void MayDoSomething() { cout << "Hello Venus\n" }

The method MyBaseClass::MayDoSomething() its the case.


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May I ask, why you might need such methods? Aren't they should be declared abstract, if they do nothing? Just wondering. – Hnatt Jul 22 '11 at 13:46
@Hnatt Those methods usually are helpers for other methods, not used by themselves. – umlcat Nov 18 '11 at 0:18

I don't know a name for this in general, but I've heard various names for techniques that use this kind of method. I would say it depends on the specific use.

The only general name I can think of is a NOP method!

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I know the NOP from some processors assembler, but its restricted to a particular overridable method. – umlcat Jul 2 '11 at 17:09

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